• Get Active This Winter

    Get Active This Winter

    Looking to get more active this winter? Our activity section will provide you with ideas to Get Active at home and in the local environment.

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  • Healthy at Home!

    Healthy at Home!

    Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport have launched Healthy At Home!

    There is range of really useful resources, links, hints and tips to support you and your family to be #ActiveAtHome, #WorkAtHome, #LearnAtHome and to look after your #WellbeingAtHome.

    Being active in a way that is right for you can improve your health, help manage stress and anxiety and make you feel better during this Coronavirus pandemic.

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  • Walking Volunteer Opportunity

    Walking Volunteer Opportunity

    Here at Active Oadby & Wigston, we have an exciting new volunteer opportunity to help local residents to build physical activity into their lives in a friendly and supportive way. The role will involve committing to safe, regular weekly walks with local residents who may be isolated and/or inactive due to the pandemic. You will complete a short, informative virtual workshop to assist you, as well as receive regular support from our dedicated volunteer coordinator.

    All activity will be provided in line with the latest government guidance around outdoor physical activity.

    For more information and to register your interest, please email: volunteering@oadby-wigston.gov.uk

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  • Looking After Your Mental Health and Wellbeing

    Looking After Your Mental Health and Wellbeing

    Our mental health is as important as our physical health. Our Looking After Your Mental Health and Wellbeing section provide links to support services and advice to help you look after yours.

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Welcome to the Active Oadby and Wigston Website. Our goal is to increase physical activity throughout the borough. Making people healthier and happier through positive action and self direction.

On our site we provide information on a wide variety of subjects, from national health information to local physical activity initiatives and clubs.

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