Thank you

A BIG thank you to everyone who took the time to design an egg for us, we had well over 300 designs to choose from. We're really sorry that we couldn't use all of the designs but we enjoying looking at them and it's great to see there are lots of creative people across Oadby & Wigston.

We also hope that you have enjoyed taking part in the Great Big Oadby & Wigston Egg Hunt. All codes are currently being processed and we will be sending certificates out shortly.

If you have any feedback you'd like to send to us please email

Egg Hunting FAQs

When is the Egg Hunt taking place? Saturday 27 March - Tuesday 6 April, codes must be entered by 9.00am Monday 12 April.

Where can I find the eggs? Eggs will be hidden across Oadby, Wigston and South Wigston. The PDF document gives a rough idea of where eggs are hidden but you'll need to go hunting to find the exact location.

What do the eggs look like? Eggs are A4 size, they will have a code on and information about how to get involved. They can be hidden on notice boards, sign posts, shops and lots of other places.

What happens if an egg isn't in its location? Let us know which location you are looking in and we'll investigate.

Is the Egg Hunt just for children? No, anyone of any age can hunt, find eggs and enter into the prize draw. However, anyone under 18 must be entered into the draw by a parent or guardian.

What happens if I have more than one child wanting to enter? You can enter multiple children using the same email address. Just complete the registration form for each child, changing the name each time. If they are Golden Egg Hunters, they will be individually entered into the prize draw.

Do I have to enter codes all at once? No, you can enter codes as you go, by day, or all together as one. As long as you use the same name and email address each time we'll match up the codes to the person.

Can I enter the same code more than once? While you can submit multiple entries on the form, each code can only be accepted once for each person. If you are entering multiple children using one email address, each code will be accepted for each child.

What is my email address used for? We will use your email address to send out your certificate. If you are a Golden Egg Hunter we may use it to contact you if you are chosen as one of our prize winners. If you sign up to receive our newsletter, we'll use your email address to send you our newsletter which will include information about projects and activities we are running (incl. 'Beat the Street'). If you sign up to hear about 'Beat the Street', we'll send you information about the programme. You can opt out at any time, just email

Why do you want monitoring information from me? You don't have to give any information you don't want to, but if you do provide us with the monitoring information we'll use it to help evaluate the egg hunt and also help shape future activity programmes that we deliver across Oadby, Wigston and South Wigston.

Please note when completing this form you must be over 18 and entering either on your own behalf or for a child you are responsible for.

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Please enter all of the egg codes that you have found, these codes consist of two letters and two numbers

We hope you have enjoyed taking part in the Great Big Oadby & Wigston Egg Hunt. We'd love to hear your thoughts, what you enjoyed or what you'd change.


If you're willing to help us with some monitoring for the Egg Hunt we'd appreciate you completing the questions below. If not, scroll down to submit your codes.

1 (not at all likely) - 10 (extremely likely)

In the past week, on how many days have you done a total of 30 minutes or more of physical activity, which was enough to raise your breathing rate? (This can include sport, exercise and brisk walking or cycling for recreation or to get to and from places. This should not include housework or physical activity that may be part of your job).

In the past week, on how many days haa your child/ren done a total of 60 minutes or more of physical activity that made them feel warmer and their heart beat faster? (This may include sport, exercise and brisk walking or cycling to get to and from places. It does not have to be 60 minutes in one go; you can count instances when children were active for 10 minutes or more each day).