Let's Do Leicester

Posted: Tue, 13 Dec 2016 11:20

Let's Do Leicester

Let's Do Leicester is a programme run by the University of Leicester's Sport & Recreation service designed to encourage participation in sport. Let's Do Leicester runs an extensive range of sport and activity sessions throughout academic year for both students and staff at the University. The programme offers traditional sports such as Netball and Badminton; as well as more eccentric activities such as Wheelchair Basketball and Bubble Football. The reason behind this plethora of different sports lies in the programmes aim to get more students active at the University, hence a more diverse programme appeals to a more diverse range of students.

The real advantage of Let's Do Leicester over other sports programmes at the University lies in its convenience and cost. Sessions take place all over Leicester, whether that be in the various University halls of residence or on the main campus there is plenty on offer for all students and staff. Activities take place at various times throughout the day so that students have the opportunity to participate at times that fit around their university timetable. Let's Do Leicester is made even more accessible by the fact that it is extremely cheap, with most sessions being totally free or a maximum of £2 it allows students to enjoy frequent sport at a low cost and with no commitment.

Let's Do Leicester's commitment to allowing students to participate in sport increases their own personal development, particularly when looking forward to life after university. With a wide variety of sessions available our participants can increase their ability to learn new skills, this demonstration of increased learning capacity can be used to appeal to employers. There are also the various interpersonal skills that come with being involved with sport, such as communication and team-working which are vital to any career path. There is also the element of being involved with extra-curricular activity which shows the participant's drive and time-management skills which you may not find in other graduates.

However, the clearest link between the University's Let's Do Leicester programme and employability comes in the form of its activators. The programme relies on a number of students to organise and deliver the various sport and activity sessions on offer. Not only does the role of an activator allow our students to experience a taste of paid work; but more importantly it helps them to develop key transferrable skills for life after university. Firstly there are the obvious increased communication and leadership skills that are essential for the role, having to deliver sessions to students requires self-confidence and the ability to deal with large groups at a time. Furthermore activators often help to promote Let's Do Leicester during the Freshers Fair period, this necessitates that they must be able to pitch the service and communicate its benefits. It can easily be identified that these skills, when taken into the working world, are useful in scenarios such as job interviews where it is important to be able to sell yourself as a potential employee. Additionally the difficulty of having to balance university work and the activator role forces activators to develop their time-management and organisational skills.

Thus, the Let's Do Leicester programme allows students to further their own personal development in a sporting environment. With participants gaining key skills in communication and team-working that may not be accessible to them without this sporting opportunity. Moreover the activator roles allow students to build on the basic skills learned in sport and gain more standout skills such as leadership and supervising.

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