10 Things every new runner worries about

Posted: Fri, 14 Apr 2017 10:55

10 Things every new runner worries about

Starting something new is never easy, and that is particularly true when it comes to running. Here are 10 things that every new runner worries about, and how YOU can overcome those fears.

1. "I won't look good"

It doesn't matter what your body looks like or what clothes you are wearing, this is the same for everybody. One of the biggest fears for new runners is appearance - the fear of the red face. Luckily (or unluckily), it's not only you who will have to put up with this.

The red face, the sweat dripping, it's not the best pairing. But in the long run, it will get easier. Who knows, you might even look forward to it?

2. "I don't want to buy the expensive gadgets"

Here's the good news and the secret that the big brands don't want you to know… you don't need to.

Whilst it's nice to know how your fitness is improving and how far you have run, it isn't a necessity. Especially to begin with, there is little point buying the gadgets in case you decide that running really isn't for you. Simply get out there and run for as long as you want, just hold off on spending hundreds of pounds.

3. "I've only got an old t-shirt and joggers"

Again, this doesn't actually matter. Although technology has progressed to ensure we now have the best clothing for sport possible, wearing an old Sugababes t-shirt that you got from their 2002 stadium tour is fine. As easy as it is to say, running isn't a fashion show and this is something every new runner worries about.

4. "What if I get tired really quickly?"

As with anything, running isn't easy when you first start. You might only manage a five minute leisurely jog, but there isn't anything strange or demeaning about that. You're using muscles that might not have been used so vigorously in years, they need time to get used to all the exercise. As time goes on, the run will get longer and longer.

5. "I don't want people to laugh at me"

Other people's opinions are probably the most daunting part of starting something new. While it's very unlikely that anyone will laugh (why would they?), deep down you know they wish they could do something as brave as running in public.

6. "Everyone will be faster than me"

As true as this may be, they would have been your pace back in the day. Remember when you first started driving and you were terrified to switch into fourth gear? Running is the same as learning to drive. It takes time to become good at it, but when you reach that point, it'll become second nature. You'll be catching them in no time.

7. "I don't have anyone to run with"

Finding a running partner is tough to start with, but you don't necessarily need one. Going alone will benefit you in a series of ways, as it allows you to do what you want to rather than feel you have to meet their standards. Go alone to begin with, then maybe ask a friend or colleague to join? Or better yet, join a running club! They all full of people just like you who all started in exactly the same situation.

8. "I don't want other people to see me"

Now this is a difficult one. If you own twenty acres of land, you're fine for this. Assuming you don't though, you can still get away with running without people spotting you. How to get around this? Go at strange times.

If you work 9-5, maybe get up an hour earlier than usual and run round a park, which should be at that time. It'll be quiet and peaceful, plus it will get you ready for the day ahead.

9. "I can't afford to go to the gym + I really don't want to"

Gyms can work out expensive, depending on the sort of thing you are looking to do. They can also be quite daunting places, with physically fitter people everywhere you look. The quick answer to this is that you don't need the gym.

Running on a treadmill is exactly the same as running in a park, minus the views. If that is all you plan on doing, a gym membership is probably not worth it for the time being, though may be something worth considering as you improve.

10. "I don't want to run every day"

The wonderful thing about running is that it works around your schedule. You don't have to run seven times a week, maybe two or three is enough. Running groups usually meet on a weekly basis, with the opportunity to work around those meetings.

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