Keep the little ones entertained with the Active Summer

Posted: Sun, 23 Jul 2017 10:21

Keep the little ones entertained with the Active Summer

For some, the summer holidays are a time of excitement, joy and non-stop playing with friends. Ordinarily, that "some" are generally aged from 5-15. And for everyone else, even the words summer holidays might fill you with dread. Pound signs flare up at the thought of keeping the little ones entertained.

But worry not, because there is so much to do in Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland that you won't even notice they're not at school all day. Our localities all put on special summer programmes to keep youngsters physically active, ensuring their summers are not just video games and television.

In Blaby, Huncote Pavilion Leisure Centre are putting on special summer camps. Priced at £12.50 a day, your children can tire themselves out with a full day of sport, including football, dodgeball and even a quiz.

Over in Charnwood, 120 different sessions are being put on across the six weeks so that there is always something to get up to. Away from the traditional activities like badminton, new sessions based around team building, arts & crafts and even yoga are available to try!

Harborough are hosting the Wild Child programme over the next few weeks. This provides 3-6 year old's with different activities, as well as something for the parents and grandparents to get involved in.

There's plenty going on over in Hinckley & Bosworth too! A Summer Inclusive Multi-Sports Camp will soon be underway, with have a go days aplenty! And check out the bumper 75 page guide over on the Active Summer page, which shows just how much is going on in the area! Don't miss out on Snap-Dragon Festival Week!

In Leicester, there are always things going on. One of these is Adventure Playgrounds, which keep popping up all over the place! There are all sorts of obstacles to be battling around, so take a look on the Active Summer page.

The fun doesn't stop there, with Melton having a series of summer camps to delve into. Cricket, football & dance camps are all being organised as we speak, as well as plenty of one-off days.

North West Leicestershire always have things going on. From Inflatables at the Hermitage Leisure Centre over to a Back to School Blowout (yes, it has a BBQ) at the end of the holidays, make everyday memorable.

The Something To Do project over in Oadby & Wigston has free activities to do for the older ones, with free dodgeball and football sessions over the summer.

And finally, Rutland County Council are once again putting on special trips and activities aimed not only at sport, but also more career enhancing opportunities.

But if there's nothing that really catches your fancy or you don't fancy heading out of the house, Disney and Change 4 Life have you covered. The Summer Shake Up has a number of unique activities that can be done anywhere, all inspired by the latest Disney blockbusters. If your into the legendary Moana, help Maui with his demigod moves by emulating the very physical Haka. If Zootropolis is more your thing, there are a series of specially designed games that feature all of the main characters, and you can match the likes of Judy Hopps and Chief Bogo in their quest to keep the area safe. And there are plenty more major films that can keep everyone entertained!

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