Return to Play findings

Posted: Tue, 08 Dec 2020 16:56

Return to Play findings

Back in August 2020, Club Matters undertook surveys with volunteers and participants in clubs and groups across England to understand people feelings towards returning to activity.

The findings are now available for volunteer and participants, as well category reports for different sport types.

The full reports are available, but some of the key headlines are:

  • Volunteers
    • During the initial lockdown period 71% continued to volunteer in some capacity
    • 14% of volunteers had significant anxiety about returning
    • Coaches / instructors were more likely to have stopped during lockdown and were less likely to return
  • Participants
    • 8% of people were unsure if they would return and reported high levels of anxiety
    • Social distancing, hygiene and sticking to the rules were the key concerns of participants
    • Individual indoor sports were hit the hardest through this time

Some of the key learnings from the surveys include:

  • Volunteers
    • Tailor communications to re-engage those who have not returned yet
    • Helping volunteers to avoid burnout
    • Letting volunteers know that you are open to new ways of volunteering and supporting them
  • Participants
    • Communication is key - give people the factual information that the need to feel reassured that the club environment is safe
    • Ensure that you are catering for the different needs of everyone in club - either face to face or virtually
    • Continually check in on how people are feeling and adapt to support them

(Source: Club Matters)

Return to Play findings

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