A Refreshed Look to The Better Health - Every Mind Matters Website

Posted: Tue, 11 May 2021 15:11

A Refreshed Look to The Better Health - Every Mind Matters Website

The Better Health - Every Mind Matters website has recently been refreshed to help people access the content more easily.

Mental Health Awareness Week is a great time to showcase all of the resources available for everybody to access, whether struggling with mental health personally or to aid someone else needing support at this time, and Every Mind Matters have created some new resources for you to try out.

This past year has been a difficult one for everyone due to the uncertain changes and national lockdowns which have been imposed on us, therefore the website has a new Covid-19 Hub for you to explore which includes:

  • Top tips to cope with anxiety about coming out of lockdown
  • Tips to help if you are worried about Covid-19
  • Mental wellbeing while staying at home
  • Coping with money worries and job uncertainty
  • How to deal with change and uncertainty
  • Tips to tackle working from home & looking after children/young people during Covid-19
  • How to fall asleep faster and sleep better
  • Going back to school or college

There is also a new 'Get Your Mind Plan' Quiz Toolkit where you simply answer 5 questions about how you are doing/feeling and it provides NHS approved personalised advice on positive steps people can take to help manage anxiety, sleep better and boost your mood.

This is just one of the ways you can get personalised suggestions on how to have or maintain good mental wellbeing and to allow you to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle, however the websites Mental Wellbeing Tips section also provides other tips, advice and support to help boost your mental wellbeing including:

  • Self-care for young people
  • Top tips to improve mental wellbeing
  • Looking after children's mental health

For more information and to try out some of the toolkits and resources on the Every Mind Matters website, click the more information link now.

As well as this, here at LRS we also want to ensure we are providing lots of support and resource when it comes to looking after your mental wellbeing, especially when working and being at home for long periods of time. Visit our Wellbeing page to find useful links and resources including the '5 Ways to Wellbeing' and mental health services links.

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