Steady Steps (Falls Prevention)

For an insight into what Steady Steps entails, check out the video below.

Steady steps will be returning to Parklands Leisure centre in Oadby on Wednesday 12th January. Followed by the maintenance class resuming on Wednesday 9th February. See the timetable below for session times.

Steady Steps is a postural stability exercise programme tailored to those who are at risk, have previously fallen or have a fear of falling. Steady Steps is a 24 week programme which helps develop strength, balance, mobility and confidence. The sessions are delivered by a Level 4 Postural Stability Instructor and are based at Parklands Leisure Centre.

Upon completion of the 24 week programme individuals can choose to attend our Steady Steps Plus Programme, to help maintain their skills and confidence.

To be eligible for the Steady Steps Programme you must be 65 or over, at risk of falling, have a fear of falling or fallen in the last 12 months. You can be referred to the programme by your GP or other Health Care Professional. Alternatively you can self-refer on to the programme to do so contact 07738 982152 or email


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