Workplace Challenge

The Workplace Challenge is a FREE online tool to help you and your colleagues become more physically active, improve your motivation at work and enter into some friendly competitions with great prizes on offer!

More than 40% of women and 35% of men spend more than six hours a day desk-bound or sitting stillstrong>, and Workplace Challenge can provide many benefits to businesses and employees.

Physical activity has positive effects on work performance, productivity and absenteeism and by taking part in this challenge can lead to the development of a valued workforce and reduced staff turnover.

Physical activity is well known to improve a person's health and fitness. So by taking part in Workplace Challenge, employees can also improve their motivation, energy and stress levels, as well as offering an opportunity to meet new people and develop better working relationships.

There are three elements to the challenge, helping to motivate you to be more physically active in the New Year:

  • Activity Log – Log your levels of sport, physical activity and active travel online, whilst competing with other workplaces, friends and colleagues at the same time.
  • Competition Programme – Take part in our inter-workplace sports competitions with activities such as dodgeball, kayaking and wheelchair basketball! It doesn't matter if you haven't played before, local sports coaches will provide support and instruction for your team and all events are low cost with an emphasis on fun.
  • Business Games – At the end of the Competition Programme the programme is rounded off with our Business Games where a range of team sports and challenges are available at this multi-sport event in June.

In Leicester-Shire & Rutland more than 1,200 individuals and 240 workplaces have taken part in the Workplace Challenge so far – from schools, councils, factories and offices. Nationally, 17,900 users and 3,710 workplaces registered with Workplace Challenge!

*PHE Everybody Active Every Day Report (2014)

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Lets work together to become the most physically active district in the county!